Your garden feasts,
while you sleep

Your garden feasts, while you sleep

Finesse your Pheno blog post #3

There are seventeen elements that are identified as vital to plant growth. Three elements, carbon, hydrogen and oxygen, are non-minerals and the other 14 are minerals. the other 14 bus be dissolved in soil, water and enter the plant as roots take up water. Once inside the plant, these elements can be mobilize or become immoble. The elements that are no immobile move as the element is needed.

Growing with Ruby Ful#$% helps with the elemental transfer within the plant system. With the benefits of Ruby Ful#$% you are able to identify deficiencies if any and are able to supply your plan system with the essential pieces for a productive garden.

  • Nitrogen (N)
  • phosphorus (P)
  • potassium (K)
  • calcium (Ca)
  • magnesium (Mg)
  • sulfur (S)
  • chlorine (Cl)
  • iron (Fe)
  • manganese (Mn)
  • zinc (Zn)
  • copper (Cu)
  • boron (B)
  • molybdenum (Mo)
  • nickel (Ni)
  • oxygen (O)
  • carbon (C)
  • hydrogen (H)