New Millenium
Nutrient calculator

New Millenium Nutrient calculator

A guide to mixing NM nutrients

Have you made your garden specific feed chart with our Nutrient calculator?

Every garden is different, every reservoir is different. So make sure your calculations are exact. Its as simple as 1, 2, 3. Simply type in your reservoir size, select your cultivation phase which is set to 8 , 10 , 12 weeks. Now your feed chart is ready for your garden.

Wasn’t that easy? Spend more time watching your garden flourish and less time counting. If you need a jumping off point New Milleniums Feedchart is easily accessible and provides a great starting point for any garden.


  1. do I use your products once a week, or do I use them more than once a week

    1. Most people use it more than once a week because they water more than once a week. If you water 3 times a week we recommend you would feed at least twice if not 3 times.

  2. Do you need to flush the plants still when using new millennium nutrients? Somebody told me you don’t but I figured I would just ask.

    1. Yes.
      New Millenium Nutrients recommends flushing 7 – 10 days of flushing post Winter Frost application.

  3. Seriously considering the New Millennium nutrient line. Is new millennium nutrients effective in Coco coir? And is there a product in your nutrient line that has a wide variety of microbes?

  4. whats your ppm. For…
    On the 1st week chart

    Equinox. 4ml
    Lightning start 3ml

    Whats the ppm to keep it at


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